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Here It Goes Again


Ok Go are a band brought to my attention by my housemate of last year Jenks. Not paying much attention I have finally been drawn into their fanbase through unusual circumstances. Not their great music but their awesome Dancing!! The latest videos freom their new album Oh No are entitled “Ok Go, In The Back Yard Dancing” and the more adventurous “Ok Go, On Treadmills” and in true Ronsil fashion, they are exactly as they say in the titles. But the brilliance of the latter video has made this without rival, the best and funniest video I’ve seen for many years.

Crease up at the cracking choreoraphy and the little bald guy!

Ok Go – Here It Goes Again

Ok Go – A Million Ways

Jacks Mannequin – Everything in Transit


Jacks Mannequin

Since University has wrapped up I haven’t been keeping up with any new music and Jacks Mannequin is one of the main reasons for this. They are the side project of the frontman of the californian punk outfit “Something Corporate” producing superb summer feelgood anthems just meant for the sunshine. Piano pop is the theme of Everything in Transit a concept album about settleing back in Los Angeles after hectic touring etc… But this piano pop with the excellent vocals is nothing which is going to break any new genres or spawn infinate copycats, neither have critics fighting over rights to create a new genre label, (see Kindie, indie music for kids and parents) Andrew McMahon knows his craft and peforms it with effortless ease. Track Highlights are the great “Mixed Tape”, Stacy’s mum vein “Miss Delaney”, the infinetly catchy “Dark Blue” and chilled anthem”La La Lie”. Oh did i mention that Tommy Lee drums on this album?A far cry from the Motley Crue and shows his versatility with the sticks.

Buy it, and relax in the summery atmospere of the california sounds of Jacks Mannequin.

Nathan Asher & The Infantry


Nathan Asher

It’s not very often a song comes around which gets a huge playcount on my pc. However while scanning the blogs i came across a superb melodic track with outsanding lyrics which really draws you into the heart and soul of the song. Nathan Asher is backed up by his band the Infantry, but it’s his voice which is a cross of bright eyes and dashboard confessional, all the distinctive spoken tone of the former and the stress and anguish of the latter. I was drawn to this band because the track in question won the John Lennon songwriting award for electronic tracks in 2005 and is also up for various other international lyrical praise and awards.

The song is called “Turn Up The Faders” and the video can be downloaded or streamed from their website at

This is a track which ranks up in one of my favourite tracks after only a week of listening to it. Listen and see for yourself!

Ted Leo – Shake The Sheets


Have recently purchased the new album from Ted Leo, god bless Amazon marketplace! If don’t already know how great he is, then im about to tell you!

Shake The Streets

Ted is backed by his band The Pharmacists and together have produced superb indie rock which appeals to the much wider pop audience. Their sound is more pop that art rock which these days seems to be a dying race. Each track on his latest album Shake the sheets is great, obvious highlights include album opener “Me and Mia” which is a protest song about poverty and yet portrays this in a subliminal manner while maintaining a cheery bounce which is abundant on the album. Little Dawn is worthy of any spiky guitar fuelled art rockers and “Counting down the hours” which is littered with vocal superiority, while the title track takes a leaf from the Ac/Dc school of guitar riffing. Ted’s song writing skills are on top form here and double that with his distinctively kid-like voice ensures this album sits on a plinth with indie kids looking up with the desire for rock and roll.

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